Admit it, you have a thing for people in nerdy glasses! While there are several disadvantages of wearing glasses (I know, I wear glasses too), it’s not the end of the world.

Psst, I’ll let you on a secret, glasses can actually come handy in a number of situations. And in fact, wearing glasses (wearing them with the right frame) can make you look hell attractive and not to mention very sexy!


1. You can whip them off when you’re in a fight and see your enemy’s face go white



O my, that rhymed!


2. There is something extremely charming about men who take off their glasses and stroke their chin while doing mental math


3. And when women do this



4. Wearing glasses makes us look brainier



5. And we don’t care being called a nerd



6. The moment we put them on, the world goes HD mode


7. We can get our interviewers take us seriously by wearing glasses with the right kind of frame


I got the job baby my glasses did half the work.


8. That moment when he smiles reaching to taking off your glasses……you know what comes next right?



9. Well we can take them off whenever situations demands it


10. Because glasses with suitable frame actually make us look cooler



O my god. I think my glasses are so damn sexy that it’s just ridiculous!


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