Passenger on New Delhi-Varanasi Flight Tries to Open Emergency Door Mid-Air

The flyers on a New Delhi-Varanasi flight witnessed bizarre scenes. A passenger of flight on Saturday tried to open the emergency exit door mid-air. However, the man was immediately stopped by the crew, until a safe landing. The passenger in question has been handed over to the Central Industrial Security Force.

SpiceJet Issued a statement on the incident saying, “On 27th March 2021, a passenger travelling on SpiceJet flight SG-2003 (Delhi-Varanasi) tried to open the emergency door of the aircraft in an abusive and aggressive state while the aircraft was airborne.”

The airline said that the passenger was brought under control by the flight crew with co-passengers’ help.“Crew immediately informed the Captain who requested for a priority landing,” the SpiceJet spokesperson said.

The aircraft landed safely in Varanasi where the passenger was handed over to police by the Central Industrial Security Force and SpiceJet’s security staff. Here’s the video-

As per the Station House Officer in Phulpur, the man who tried to exit the flight was mentally unwell. The SHO said, “A passenger attempted to open an emergency exit door mid-air on a Delhi to Varanasi flight. Crew members stopped and held him till the flight made a safe landing at the airport. The pilot of the flight informed Air traffic control and requested landing on priority.”

A similar incident took place earlier this month in an IndiGo flight of Delhi-Pune when a passenger said he was COVID-19 positive just before the take-off. As per the report, the announcement was followed by panic among the rest of the passengers on the flight, when it was on the runway and about to take off. Later, the aircraft was fumigated and sanitized and the seat covers were also changed,” an official had said.

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