Online cricket betting has grown in popularity around the world over the last two decades. This is largely due to the ease of access to online betting sites with the introduction of smart phones to the modern world. Indian players can now play with Indian rupee betting sites based all across the world from the comfort of their own homes. 

Some Indians love to gamble for fun and do this from time to time, especially when big sport events like the IPL are on. Gambling adds another dimension of fun and competition to sports which a lot of people love. 

Not only can gambling be fun but when you win it can be financially rewarding. Imagine winning a jackpot prize in a casino, that could pay a few months rent. This is why some people use gambling as a way to try to increase disposable income. The thought of potentially doubling your indian rupees from placing a few sports bets can be extremely tempting. 

As already mentioned players can now access casinos and sports betting sites from the comfort of home. Many people use these sites to escape from the real world and can spend hours just betting by themselves. Indian players have become well known across the world for their gambling habits and are specifically targeted by big gambling brands. When you go to a bookmaker for example you will likely see that you can play with Indian rupees on cricket betting sites. Indian players love to see these types of products and services available in the Indian market.

No matter what reason you have for playing on some online casino or sports betting sites, there is no denying that it has an effect on us. Depending on your mood and the outcome of your bets it can have either a positive or negative impact. This will vary based on personal circumstances. 

There are many categories of gamblers but to put it into simple terms we have two major types; a gambler who is a recreational player and bets sensibly and for fun. Then there is a gambler who is addicted to gambling and continues to bet even when it isn’t fun anymore and it has a negative impact on the player both financially and mentally. 

The effects of online cricket betting of mental health is something that needs to be spoken about more. Companies are allowed to advertise in Indian relentlessly and have caused numerous mental health problems with increasing problem gamblers being identified. 

I want to draw attention to the effect gambling has specifically become addicted to gambling

Mental Health & Problem Gamblers

1. Increased depression and anxiety 

A person who is identified as being a problem gambler tends to spend a lot of time gambling. They will likely sacrifice money they need for day to day living to spend on gambling and if they lose this it will result in increased anxiety and depression. Unfortunately the more depressed and anxious they feel usually results in more unwanted gambling patterns. This can lead to mental breakdowns in many players before they look to seek help.

2. Increased health problems. 

As a person starts to become addicted to gambling it can become a compulsive habit. Although the negative impacts of gambling continue to get worse and worse a problem gambler cannot stop the behaviour that leads to increased depression. The ongoing pressure on players can lead to physical health problems. 

3. Gambling addiction leads to strained relationships with other people.

Since problem gamblers can’t really control the compulsive behaviour they tend to negatively impact relationships with family and friends. These gamblers choose to sacrifice time with family and friends in order to gamble. The negative impact this has on the mood and the players behaviour can be seen and felt by close friends and family.

As friends and family become worried about an individual and might raise concerns about the gambling habits this usually leads to increased tension. A lot of problem gamblers will initially refuse to accept there is a problem. Instead they will view their family and friends as just trying to stop them having fun. Which of course, is not the case at all.

There comes a point in time where friends and family might have to choose to step away from the problem if they can’t help. We have to remember that others around a problem gambler can be negatively impacted and also need to look after themselves mentally and physically. 

4. Depriotise hobbies and usual activities 

As a problem gambler becomes overcome with the need to gamble they will not prioritize the usual fun day to day activities they would normally do. This means that they might spend less time doing the things that actually make them happy and keep them healthy. Instead they go further and further down the route of compulsive gambling. 

How to keep gambling fun

While we focused on the negative side of gambling initially in this article I do strongly believe that gambling can be fun. Here are some of the ways to avoid goin down the route of gambling too much

  • Always have fun

Only gamble when it adds enjoyment to your life. Once it stops being fun you need to take a break or just stop for good.

  • Time Limit

Never sacrifice your hobbies, social activities and friends in order to find time to gamble. Gambling should always be secondary to day to day activities. 

  • Only spend what you can afford

Never gambling more than you can afford. You should always only use disposable income when gambling and not sacrifice this month’s rent to allow you to play. Gambling sites have multiple responsible gambling tools to help control your spend and everyone should use these. 

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