Since the 90s the casino industry has been steadily reaping profits from their websites. By moving to the net the sites made themselves available to millions of casino enthusiasts all over the world. And how did they take care of their needs? By providing them with a heap of games, lots of bonuses, excellent customer service and an endless number of chances to win big money prizes. Since their influence spread far and wide, their popularity reached the Indian audience. The result was millions of satisfied Indian customers. But how did they do it?

The Legal Situation on Gaming in India and How It Helps, and Other Sites in Becoming Popular

According to the country’s Constitution, each state has the right to make its laws about gambling – to make a decision whether to ban or legalize it. States like Goa and Sikkim have done this and are now filled with casino establishments that cater to the needs of Indian players. However, there’s an act in India that prohibits all kinds of gaming except state-approved lotteries. Between these two options, a third alternative presented itself – going online. Since there aren’t any kind of laws prohibiting online casinos they’re safe to play on. But the problem with most casino sites was that they didn’t accept the Indian currency. This is where,,, and other Indian sites stepped in and made sure the needs of Indian players were met. 

Other Popularity Factors

Besides allowing Indian players to enjoy casino games legally, online sites have much more to offer. One of the things that make Indians flock to online casinos is the variety of games. Classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker have been remodeled a few times so there are plenty of versions of them available online. Indian game developers did the same thing with traditional Indian games like Rummy and Teen Patti so now millions of Indians could play their native games from the comfort of their home.


Availability is the key feature of online casinos and that’s why the Indian ones are available 24/7. Indians can visit these sites whenever they want. Another characteristic of these sites is that they shower their users with promotions and bonuses. No deposit and welcome deposit bonuses are the bonuses that every casino site must have it wants to survive.


The majority of Indian casino sites also incorporate sportsbooks so sports fans can place bets on their favorite sports, fantasy sports included. With a plethora of services, these sites have something for everyone. The big prizes and loyalty programs are available to the high-stakes players and the demo versions of games are available for those who just want to have some fun.

Since security is the main factor online, these sites take it very seriously. SSL encryption is the latest tech trend that keeps your financial data safe. You can also take a few steps when navigating the sea of online casinos. All things considered, until the laws change online casinos will be the best alternative Indian players have.

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