10 Reasons Why You Must Watch NH10 Right Now


For once let us all forget the fact that NH10 has got a lot of similarities with a number of Hollywood films and simply appreciate that a group of people has had the courage and tenacity to make a meaningful film, not to mention, without a hi-fi A-lister Bollywood actor in it.

These are the utterly bold statements that make NH10 a must-watch.


1. Women can be as power-monger and violent-minded as men

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Deepti Naval’s small but significant role is the exact reason why NH10 is a league ahead of most films portraying social idiosyncrasies. ‘Power’ is a tool that makes people blind of all logic and humanity. Women aren’t born with a golden heart. Human beings turn out the way they do because of the circumstances they experience in their lives. Women being no different to men can and do become blind inhuman monsters.


2. Surviving beyond one’s comfort zone is possible

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Seeing the kind of social standing Meera (Anushka Sharma) comes from, she is literally thrown into a pit of hell and yet…..yes, this is the important part….she survives like a complete kick-ass.


3. Tune down the male-ego and choose your battles wisely

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Early into the film, when the calm and sensible Arjun’s (Neil Bhoopalam) ego gets hurt by a slap (and a comment by Meera about protecting her) he transforms into a high-testosterone with low-IQ dude stalking a gang of violent men. At this point I whispered to two of my ‘male’ friends that this is an unbelievable exaggeration. One on my left whispered back “you have no idea how far a man’s ego can stretch!” “Yes” quipped the other on my right “he’s endangering his wife just because his ego got hurt.”


4. Men get shitlessly scared too

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There are a number of moments when we can see Arjun’s (Neil Bhoopalam) hand shaking uncontrollably. Instead of going all hero and saving the day with his muscle and gun power we find the man losing his mind. That’s reality. Men feel scared too. It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of.


5. Men are as much a victim of society as any other gender

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It’s no secret that men are constantly pushed to act macho even when they don’t want to. There is a scene when a particularly patriarchal Fauji (Ravi Jhankal) urges Satbir (Darshan Kumaar) to beat a bruised man to death saying “mard ban” (which Satbir does), it struck me how Satbir had been pushed throughout his life to act manly which for them means being brutally violent.

And then we are also shown how Satbir’s young son is made to witness intense beating of women including his mother which actually makes him giggle. I mean what kind of a son would giggle when his mother is being thrashed. The kind who is taught to be a ruthless monster.


6. Women need to toughen up psychologically

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There are people who can’t imagine physically or psychologically hurting anyone. But one must psychologically train one’s self to do what needs to be done when situations demand it. Instead of giving up Meera (Anushka Sharma) gives an eye for an eye.


7. And then there are good well-meaning men too

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The film isn’t a complete one sided narration. They reasonable showed a man (possibly of lower cast) saving Meera (Anushka Sharma) by risking not only his life but also his family’s. During the scene I found asking myself if I would’ve been brave enough to do that.


8. A-lister Bollywood actress can do script-backed roles and make the film friggin awesome

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Hell yeah!


9. A film can do asskickingly well without an item song

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Apparently Anushka Sharma who has also co-produced the film was recommend to include an item number before the main thrilling events unfolds. She refused. And still the movie has managed to get our hormones raging high. Now that’s called a good film.


10. A film can state its point without any stupid rambling dialogues

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Stripped down dialogues has added to the authentic representation of the story. Added to this the brilliant acting has made it easier for audiences to get the point of a scene.

Okay, so now go watch NH10 (if you haven’t already).


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