In the world of IT, Cloud Computing has turned out to be the most emerging technology. Organizations across the globe, whether it is a small-scale company or a large-scale enterprise, are moving their infrastructure and applications to the cloud platform. This is evident from the fact that Amazon Web Services generated a net sales of $10 billion in a single quarter earlier this year This shows the growth of Amazon Web Services along with its parent company Amazon.

AWS has become a one-stop solution for all the business needs by providing the companies with all the necessary services from database migration to content delivery. AWS has improved the efficiency of organizations and also helped them to progress in a better way.

About AWS Certification

AWS certification is your go-to pass for moving ahead in your career in the cloud domain. If you are firm about becoming an expert in handling the AWS ecosystem and give a boost to your earning potential, then AWS training is the best way to move ahead. 

As per your goals and needs, there are plenty of AWS certifications available in the market that you can opt for. In order to ace the certification examination, you need to get the best training for yourself. Once you complete any AWS certification, it would be very easy for you to land a high salary job in any organization. 

Top 5 Reasons to Get AWS Certified

If you are serious about moving ahead in the cloud computing domain, then it is highly recommended for you to get certified and complete some AWS course for better prospects. You would be standing out from your competitors after the completion of AWS certification. There are various reasons why one should consider becoming AWS certified, and here are the top 5 reasons.
1. AWS is the market leader in IAAS Cloud Computing

As per the research and analysis of Gartner, there was a 29.5% rise in the worldwide Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) market in 2017. This showed that there was a huge rise in the cloud computing industry in the entire world. The same report also displayed that AWS was holding 53.7% of the IAAS market.

Microsoft is the nearest competitor, and it was holding only 8.7% of the IAAS market. This proves that AWS is the market leader in the IAAS Cloud Computing with a huge margin. If you learn the core concepts of the AWS platform, then it could guarantee you a perfect job in the cloud domain.
2. Cloud Technology is the Future

Cloud technologies are turning out to be the future for every organization in different industries and sectors. A push is provided to cloud computing because of some cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

As per the 2018 Forbes article, it was expected that approximately 83% of the enterprise workloads would be on the cloud platform by the end of 2020. The professionals should focus on becoming an AWS expert to land better jobs as the demand for cloud computing is consistently increasing.
3. High Paying Jobs

Among the list of high paying jobs in the IT industry, AWS certified jobs are ranking very high as compared to the other job profiles. According to one ranking, the average salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is Rs. 12,00,000 in India and it stands in the 2nd position in the list of top high-paying IT jobs in the market. Even the salary of an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is Rs. 600,000 in India and it stands at the 8th position in the list. On the other hand, the AWS certification cost ranges from Rs. 7,600 to Rs. 22,800 in India based on the domain you choose. 
4. Distinguished Resume as compared to your competitors 

Due to the constant growth of the cloud industry in the market, there would be a need for several employees to learn about the AWS platform in order to keep up with the changes in the industry. They would have to opt for AWS training and gain AWS certification for remaining at their job positions in different organizations. If you get AWS certified now, then that would place you ahead of others and at a better position in the market. 
5. Portrays your credibility and expertise to potential clients

Trust and credibility are considered to be very significant factors when you are in the role of offering AWS related services to clients. It happens that the customers would want to know whether they are dealing with the experts in that particular technology or not. One of the best ways to portray expertise is with the help of an AWS certification. It would display your skills as well as expertise in the AWS platform and that would create a positive impact on your clients. 

There are great prospects and job opportunities available in the IT industry if you are thinking about moving ahead in the cloud computing domain with various cloud computing courses

To land better jobs and become valued in an organization, you must opt for AWS training and get certified for the same.

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