National Karate Champion Bimla Munda, who has won several medals for the state including a silver in the 34th National games, is forced to sell ‘handia’ (rice bear) to earn a living for her aging parents.

Due to poor financial conditions of my family, I was forced to start this business during lockdown to earn a living for my family and bear the expenses to continue my karate practice,” said Munda, 26.

Many netizens reacted to the situation she has been , Here is some of them

Munda had brought several laurels for Jharkhand. She was a silver medalist at the 34th National Games in 2011 in Jharkhand. She had started coaching classes to train budding karatekas in February this year for her livelihood. But she had to shut it down in March due to the lockdown in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I had to shut the coaching after a month due to the lockdown. So I have no option but to sell hadia for livelihood,” said Bimla who was also a gold medalist at Bollywood star Akshay Kumar 4th International Kudo Championship in 2012.

“I have been living with my grandfather since childhood. My grandfather retired before 2000 when Jharkhand was not separated from Bihar. He gets pension around Rs 6,000 a month but most of his pension amount goes into his medicine,” she added.

“I sell hadia at my home in the village. Average 70-80 glass of hadia is sold every day. Each glass costs Rs 4. The money I earn from selling hadia goes on buying household needs,” said Bimla, gold medalist of All India Karate Open Championship in 2015 and Federation Cup organized by All India Karate-Do Federation in 2019,

Meanwhile, Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren took cognizance of Bimla’s condition. In a tweet on Sunday, Soren asked Ranchi deputy commission to provide the player all possible help in coordination of sports secretary.

“When our upcoming sports policy will come into effect, the future of players will change,” he said in a tweet.

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