My wife poured acid on my face while I was asleep ex police officer shares painful story

Police Constable, Dan Shisia Matakhaya, was blinded by his wife who poured sulphuric acid and electrocuted him on September 21, 2013.

According to the 31-year old, on the ill-fated day, the two disagreed on a small housing issue before he went to work since he was on duty.

“When I went to sleep, my wife poured the solution on my face, it was burning and she run away,” he narrated

Makhaya’s wife had anticipated his reaction, hence, she poured water on the floor and connected a live wire, which got him electrocuted.

He was writhing and screaming in pain when his colleagues came to his rescue and rushed him to Kenyatta National Hospital. It was, however, too late to save his eyesight.

The wife was arrested later on but got released after sometime. Nearly six years later, the incident is still under investigation.

Despite the odds against him, Makhaya picked up the pieces of his life and enrolled for braille classes before joining a local university where he has since earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

He said he had since forgiven his wife even though they had separated, “my wife did this to me. I met her in court two years ago. All she said was she doesn’t know why she did it. She was lied to. I forgave her. I let her go.”

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