Birthdays hold a special place in our lives. This is the day when we celebrate with our loved ones in the best way possible. However, in recent times, such activities are being discouraged thanks to COVID-19. 

With the virus’ second wave engulfing the nation under its iron clutches, each and every day witnesses a record surge in the number of cases and death. In light of this, public gatherings of any kind have been prohibited, including birthday celebrations. 

Mumbai Police has a nice hand on social media platforms and it never fails to amaze the users with its quirky posts and gestures. One such act of generosity was shown by Mumbai Police when a Twitter user tweeted to them that her friends are asking for a birthday party but she decided to not go out as there is a COVID-19-induced lockdown in the city.

After the tweet, Mumbai Police messaged the girl and asked for her phone number and address saying that the local police officials wanted to talk to her to appreciate her responsible behavior. 

Mumbai Police also came up with a heartwarming reply. “Just a small token of our appreciation for you being a responsible citizen & staying home on your special day, @samysays. Your ‘safe’ celebration today will surely help the city bring in a ‘happy’ tomorrow. We wish you a happy birthday once again!” they wrote.Take a look at the conversation:

The gesture won hearts on Twitter. Under her tweet, netizens appreciated them for being so thoughtful during such rough times. “Aapne toh rula diya yaar,” one user said. Another one added, “Great gesture for a wonderful citizen! Kudos to both and wish you a happy birthday and a healthy life ahead!”

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