Monkey snatches bag containing Rs 4 lakh in UP’s Sitapur, tears & throws currency notes in the air

An amazing sequence of events happened in public space recently. Much to the people’s delight.

In a bizarre case of animal menace, a monkey in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur caused a flurry of activity after it started raining currency notes outside the registry office.

Well, someone was up to monkey business for sure! And guess what, it was literally a monkey that was seen throwing huge wads of cash out of a bag. Now, we are not talking small sums of money coming out of a wallet. What we are referring to is a huge stash that was nonchalantly being thrown around with hordes of people watching in awe.

It so transpired that a monkey in Sitapur stole a bag with as much as Rs 4 lakh in it, ran away with it and thereafter, started rummaging in it. In an attempt to find food in the bag, the monkey kept digging into it and pulling out wads of money and throwing it away. Yes, it was definitely raining currency notes in Sitapur that day. Moreover, this was not in some isolated area, it was in a public place – outside the registry office.

It was later revealed that the monkey snatched a senior citizen’s bag containing Rs 4 lakh from outside the Vikas Bhawan Registry Office and promptly climbed  a tree to explore its loot. 

As the old man, Bhagwan Din, frantically searched for the monkey, it started taking out the Rs 500 notes from the bag and began throwing them down. Seeing currency notes flying down, a huge crowd gathered on the spot to see what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Bhagwan Din continued to appease the animal by offering it bananas, but it would not relent. Some people tried to climb the tree and snatch the bag back from the money but their efforts went in vain.

Finally, after about an hour, the monkey threw down the bag and the people there collected the money and returned it to the old man.

Fortunately, the monkey finally let go of the bag before it had exhausted all the money in it.

After he got back the bag, Bhagwan Din said that it contained Rs 4 lakh, which he had brought to register a property. The monkey even tore up currency notes worth Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000.

A case has been registered in a police station of the city’s Kotwali area.

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