In an unfortunate state of affairs, an elderly man who claims to be an IIT-Kanpur alumnus, was found begging in the streets of Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior. The man identified as Surendra Vashisth did his Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Kanpur in 1969, and LLM from Lucknow’s DAB College in 1972, Times of India reported.

The man, 90-year-old Surendra Vashishth, was found on a roadside in the Gwalior and was later rescued by an NGO.

Surendra has been rescued by an organisation that helps out those in need. 

“We found him in a very pathetic condition near the bus stand. When we talked to him, he left us bemused talking in English. We brought him to our ashram and are trying to contact his relatives,” Vikash Goswani of the NGO Asram Swarg Sadan was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

Vashishth said he had completed his mechanical engineering from IIT-Kanpur in 1969 and LLM from Lucknow 1972. However, things seem to have gone downhill after the JC mills closed in 1990s, for which his father was the supplier.

The elderly man’s condition is fine and he is said to be recovering.

One wonders what happened to him and how this man got to be in such a state

The same NGO had earlier rescued a former cop, Manish Mishra who had reportedly lost mental balance and was living on streets. Mishra once served as a sharpshooter in MP police. The former cop is now said to be in a better condition and is recovering. Mishra was rescued by his batchmates Ratnesh Singh Tomar and Vijay Singh Bhadoria who are now crime branch DSP’s.

Notably, Manish was terminated by state police in 2006 after he went AWOL for over two years and was subsequently sacked. Seeing his poor condition, many of his batchmates came forward to help him.


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