Man with 102 children orders his 12 wives on the pill as he can’t ‘tolerate any more’

A man with 102 youngsters has promised not to father anything else as he’s battling to adapt to his gigantic brood.

Musa Hasahya, 67, who has 12 spouses, has now requested them to go on the pill.

He said: “I can’t endure bearing kids any more in light of the restricted assets. Also, on that note I have educated every one of my spouses concerning childbearing age to go for family arranging.

“I likewise deter the people who wish to wed multiple spouses not to do so on the grounds that things are bad.”

Musa, who likewise has 568 grandkids, lives in a compound with a 12-room house in Bugisa, Uganda.

He says while he can tell his kids and grandkids separated, he doesn’t realize them all by name.

He wedded his most memorable spouse Hanifa in 1971 at 16 years old in the wake of stopping school, and he became a father interestingly two years some other time when she brought forth a girl.

He said: “On the grounds that I had the option to acquire something, I chose to grow my family by wedding more ladies.
“I guaranteed that scrapers are given to every one of them to work the land and produce food enough to help the family since the dirts are prolific.”

Be that as it may, he is presently asking the public authority for help, saying he is attempting to instruct every one of his youngsters.

Yet, regardless of his huge brood, his family say they by and large all manage everything well.

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