Man Stumbles Upon Grandfather’s Old Autograph Book With Signatures Of Mahatma Gandhi,Nehru,B.R. Ambedkar & CV Raman

Family heirlooms are often carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation in a bid to preserve a family’s history and the origins of its forebears. Many times home cleaning sessions can spring up surprises and lead to discovery of ancestral items that one may never have known about.

In a stroke of luck, a man discovered that his family heirloom was indeed highly valuable and one he had no idea about.Mumbai-based Vijay Basrur stumbled upon something very valuable while cleaning his mother’s room.

Have a look ,what He found –

Netizens were fascinated with Basrur’s find. Some even gave him advice on preserving the autograph book.

One user said, “Priceless,The year at the end will be a century in approx. 16-18 years from now. Very special.” One user said, “It’s priceless.please preserve it.You are holding on to a piece of Indian history” . Another wrote, “You really have a treasure! Love the style in which Dr. Ambedkar writes the date accompanying his signature, would it be too pretentious of me if I copied it?” other user tweeted, “The capitalist in me is like “wow, a million bucks’.”

Someone commented, “This is awesome. As an autograph collector, if I would have come across this treasure…I would have danced across the whole town.” Yet another added, “Gandhi wrote his name in Kannada too, and Ambedkar had such beautiful handwriting!”

In August, a pair of gold-plated glasses believed to be worn by Mahatma Gandhi was sold for £260,000 (Rs 2.55 crore) in Britain. The glasses are believed to be one of Gandhi’s earliest pairs during his time in South Africa.

“A pair of early 20th century c1920 gold plated circular rimmed spectacles by repute owned and worn by Mahatma Gandhi,” the auction lot details said. “The spectacles of usual form, with sprung gold plated arms and prescription lenses. Jointed by a gold plated nose bar. The spectacles formed an important and somewhat iconic part of Gandhi’s overall appearance.”

“It was known that he would often give away his old or unwanted pairs to those in need or those who had helped him. A rare and important pair of spectacles,” the description added.

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