A man who eats a whopping six kilograms of cheese every week is in good shape despite his unusual diet. Mark King, 52, from Tonbridge, Kent in England, consumes two whole blocks of cheese that his wife Tracey Winter prepares for him daily.

He eats sandwiches made with 400 grams of cheese for lunch and then eats the same again for dinner

He has eaten 7,280 kilograms of cheese in the last 25 years. However, despite eating so much cheese on a daily basis, Tracey says that Mark is in good shape

But it’s always got to have cheese with it.

“I’ve never had heartburn, indigestion, constipation, nothing like that. The stronger the cheese, the better.

“I’ll have 400g of cheese in my sandwiches at night and then 400g at lunch. The sandwiches at the end of the day are on top of the same ones I have for lunch.”

The calories in all the cheese he eats adds up to 22,513 per week – the equivalent calories of nine and a half large Domino’s pepperoni pizzas.

But in spite of eating such copious amounts of cheese daily, Mark has been in pretty great shape, his wife said.

So what makes all that cheese disappear? Mark’s wife Tracey feels that the former’s job at a timber yard logger and a gardener has helped him to stay fit all this time.

“Mark’s in great shape still. He’s picking up and lugging logs around all day every day so that’s where all the calories go. He’s got an eight pack,” his wife said.

She added that the family usually has a big dinner at around 6pm and Mark eats his sandwiches at night between 10:30 to 11:15pm. She also said that Mark has never had any troubles with so much cheese and has always been a big eater.

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