Man drives 85 kms with daughter’s dead body after ambulances demand Rs. 35000 fees in Rajasthan; probe ordered

In a heartbreaking incident, a man was forced to bring his daughter’s dead body from hospital by tying it to his car’s seat in Rajasthan’s Kota.The picture of the father taking his daughter’s dead body tied with the seat belt of his car has gone viral on social media. 

It is alleged that the father was asked for Rs. 20000-35000 by ambulance drivers for a distance of 85 kilometres in Rajasthan. Father was not in a condition to pay this much of the amount and decided to take the body in his car. It happened in Kota city on Monday and now the administration is investigating the matter.

The heartbreaking incident happened on Monday. A few days back, 34-year-old Seema was brought to New Medical Hospital in Kota from Jhalawar by her family for Covid-19 treatment.

The hospital was treating her for covid, but she died during the treatment. The family then wanted to take Seema’s body to their residence in Jhalawar.

No ward boy was available to take the morgue outside the hospital. Family members then bought the bodies out of the hospital. When Seema’s family members asked the ambulances outside the hospital, they demanded Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000. The family did not have the money to pay that much.

Seema’s father then tied the corpse  in the front seat of his car and brought it to his house in Jhalawar. The district collector of the Kota Ujjawal Rathod told the media that we are investigating the matter and asked the father to give us the details of the drivers who asked for this amount.

It’s been more than 3 days, still no action taken by the State Government of Rajasthan.From last few years, Medical negligence cases and Mismanagement cases are increasing in Kota day by day.  

India recorded 1,86,364 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, the lowest in the last 44 days. The active caseload in the country has further declined to 23,43,152 as active cases decrease by 76,755 in the last 24 hours, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday morning. The recovery rate in the country has climbed up to 90.34 per cent. Meanwhile, doctors from across the globe have said that with every new Covid wave, the effect of the disease might get comparatively less impactful as the community develops herd immunity.

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