If you are famous in Social Media with an average of 2000+ followers, If you can Write, then no one can stop you becoming rich. I am going to tell you a secret sauce to become rich with your own skills, by spending No Money at all.


How to be rich
How to be rich

Friends you might have heard of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Here is a solution. Read below questions and answers. Act accordingly. None can stop you becoming rich.


What is a bitcoin Bounty Hunter?

Bitcoin Bounty Hunter is a new service that allows people to anonymously crowd source bounties to complete tasks.

How does it work?

Anyone who is a position to help fund a task put up by users in the community can donate to the public address of the bounty to help incentivize the public to work to complete the task. Or submit your own bounty today using the form below. If you’ve got the skills to complete a task, whether that’s design, development, tracking criminals, or working with a team to complete the task, can earn huge amounts of Bitcoin Cash.

Who can participate?

– Anyone

What kind of Bounties are allowed?

Any bounties, including bounties for design work, video work, writing, development, feature requests, bug fixes, or even for a person who has committed a crime in which there is a victim.

What kind of Bounties are prohibited?

We prohibit any bounties involving violence or harassment. We allow any bounty for a person who has committed a crime in which there is a victim. In the future we hope to implement a trustless, distributed system.

Who holds the money?

For bounties setup for tasks such as design or development, the Bounty poster retains the access to money. By setting up a new wallet specifically for that task and sharing the public address for the wallet, users can help fund tasks and can see that the money is there for the completion of the task.


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