Look what happens to food at – 45°c in Siberia

Winter season is in full swing across the globe, and countries are experiencing the chilly weather to varying degrees. Climate conditions in the harsh winter months include a severe drop in temperatures, snowstorms and blizzards. The difficult weather is hard for people living outside to fathom, but a recent picture from Siberia shows a glimpse of how freezing cold the winters there can actually be. A Twitter user shared a click of an egg and noodles which were frozen mid-air due to the frigid environment. Take a look:

The picture was shared on Twitter by user @olegsvn, who hails from the town of Novosibirsk in Siberia, Russia, which is known to face extremely cold temperatures through the year. He shared the click along with the temperature at the time when it was taken, which was a mere -45 degrees celsius. The liquid inside the egg and the noodles was frozen, thus bringing both the food items to a standstill and eerily freezing them in the middle of when they were being eaten. How interesting, yet chilling, right?

The photograph went viral on the micro-blogging platform, garnering over 25.6k likes and 8k retweets. The user went on to explain that this was the usual weather in the chilling regions of Siberia, varying between -30 degrees and +12 degrees. Social media couldn’t help but react to the picture, sharing their surprise at the chilly Siberian weather.

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