The internet is flooded with stories that are inspiring and heartwarming. Videos of grit, love, and kindness often transcend boundaries of language and culture thanks to social media platforms.

One such tale is of a young girl with a prosthetic leg trying to climb over a ditch with some encouragement from her mother. 

A 58-second clip is going viral on social media showing the girl named Antonella looking at her mother while trying to climb over the ditch. She looks doubtful as to whether she’d be able to climb and she even puts out her hand for support

After climbing over the ditch successfully, Antonella smiled at her mother, who was absolutely delighted.

“Antonella wasn’t sure she could do it, but with her encouraging mom cheering her on— she did it,” the caption of the video reads.

“Antonella will always remember her mom as the support she is, even after she’s all grown up. And she will grow up to be a fighter. No doubt,” a user said.

Another comment reads, “Helping a child through words of encouragement, patience and trust is more powerful than doing the hard things for them.”

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered more than 3.2 million views and scores of reactions. People motivated by the courage of the girl took to the comments section to share their views

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