KRK Picks Up Twitter Fight With Lisa Haydon and She Gives A Solid Slap With Her Reply

We found these interesting tweets on Lisa Haydon’s photo by KRK, well more of a “mere stupidity by KRK, yet again”. He never fails to impress his followers by putting up a joker show on twitter.


1. To sum it up, Lisa posted this photo on twitter.


2. No awards for guessing who tweeted on this photo – ” KRK “


3.We salute Lisa for not keeping quite and what a come back. Witty reply to KRK.


4. KRK tweets again to pull in more shame-dome on him instead of apoligising as any common man would have done

5. He tweets again

Ofcourse, thamasha tho dekhna hai naa isliye follow karthe hai


6. and again…

i guess it’s enough said. We wont add anymore of his tweets again.

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