In the year 1985, long before organic farming crept into the mainstream vocabulary, Long before sustainable living became a fashion, the young couple, Julie and Vivek decided to tap out of their city life, pack their bags and leave for Heggadadevankote, a remote village 50km from Mysuru. They wanted to create their own little world.

This is how Krack- a- Dawna was born. Today, after 37 years and countless losses and adventures, they have a farm that is spread over an area of 35 acres. They produce almost everything they need for their daily life – Paddy, millets, oilseeds, eggs, spices, sugarcane, and vegetables just to name a few. Juli and Vivek have two sons, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law.

They also have three dogs, two cats,15 cattle, 20 goats, over 60 chickens and a cacophony of wild birds for company. Julie and Vivek didn’t just want to create a farm, they wanted to create a free-thinking community. They involved the local community on the farm and homeschooled their children and were the first to start a farmers’ market in Mysore.

Today Vivek and Julie are involved in helping mitigate rural problems through activism and policy. The couple is trying to help the community farm responsibly and has opened the farm to students who are eager to learn. Vivek and Julie can only smile when they look back and reminisce about the wonderful adventure they embarked upon.

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