If you thought that the life of a celebrity is all rosy and no thorns, then well you need to read this piece for sure. As television actress Kavita Kaushik who is known to portray the role of Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala in FIR blasted on a pervert who slid into her DMs on Instagram and sent her dirty pictures. Sharing the Instagram profile of the man named Shankar, the actress exposed him by mentioning how he has been sending photos of his private parts to celebs during the festive season of Navratri.

Kavita Kaushik took to Twitter to expose the man ,Here it is

It was observed that Kavita Kaushik’s Instagram profile was targeted by the predator who sent her several explicit images.

Kavita Kaushik’s Twitter saw a screenshot of an Instagram user named ‘Shankar’ who had been sending her explicit images. The actor in her tweet mentioned that the man has been sending disgusting images to her and other celebrities. She continued the tweet saying that young women too face such kind of threat and feel offended due to such acts by individuals like Shankar. She asked her followers to raise their voices for such acts of misconduct and thus tagged the Mumbai Police and other authorities as well.
Prior to that, Kavita Kaushik’s Twitter saw another tweet in which she asked the help of the Mumbai Police along with several authorities to look into the matter. The tweet saw a screenshot of the explicit messages the man had been sending her. The images were too graphic in nature and thus cannot be tagged here. The explicit images were made public by the actor and thus the Mumbai Police soon intervened. The authorities tweeted from their account that they have spoken to Kavita Kaushik and thus she can register her complaint on a link that they shared. Kavita replied mentioning she completed the step and thanked the Mumbai Police for their support.

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