Kate Winslet Performs Thrilling Underwater Shoot for Avatar 2

Photographs from the gigantic set and concept art from the highly awaited and long-delayed Avatar 2 have kept social media flooded. The latest stills straight from the sets gives an insight into the preparations of a new face in franchise, Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet.

The actress, who is reuniting with filmmaker James Cameron decades after Titanic, is playing a ‘water person’ in the epic science fiction sequel. Kate, in the most anticipated movies of all time, plays Ronal – a free diver of the reef tribe of Na’vi known as Metkayina, Here is the tweet

The recent pictures that have been shared online by the crew members captures a view of Kate in a motion-capture suit. This is the first look of Kate from the film’s sets that have finally debuted on social media.

Kate, at the bottom of the pool, is wearing weights around her waist to remain immersed at the end of the water tank. For her underwater stunt work, Kate has donned gigantic flowing flags like wings. Avatar producer Jon Landau dropped the first picture from Kate’s underwater filming.


Kate said that it was incredible for her to play the role and learn free-dive for Avatar. She revealed that the longest breath she held was a crazy seven minutes and 14 seconds. Kate praised Cameron and stated that it was wonderful for her to work with him again.

In addition to Avatar 2, Kate will also be seen in the subsequent instalment – Avatar 3. The live action shooting with the actress started in 2018 in New Zealand. Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, CCH Pounder and Stephen Lang, from the original will return to the upcoming instalment.

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