Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of Amazon, is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. With a net worth of over $150 billion, he has the means to live a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. But what does his life look like now that he has stepped down from his role at the company?

First and foremost, Bezos has been focusing on his space exploration company, Blue Origin. He has invested billions of dollars into the company, which aims to make space travel more accessible and sustainable. In recent years, Blue Origin has made significant progress in developing reusable rockets and has plans for space tourism in the near future.

Bezos has also been investing in other ventures, including electric vehicle start-ups and real estate. He has purchased several properties, including a $165 million mansion in Beverly Hills, a $10 million ranch in Texas, and a $23 million home in Washington D.C.

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When it comes to leisure, Bezos is known to enjoy traveling, with his private jet taking him to exotic locations around the world. He is also an avid art collector, with a reported interest in contemporary art and post-war American art. He reportedly also own a $65 Million art piece of David Hammons.

Bezos is also known for his philanthropy, having donated billions of dollars to various causes through the Bezos Day One Fund. The fund focuses on supporting homeless families and providing education to underprivileged children.

Overall, it is clear that Jeff Bezos is living a life of luxury and indulgence, with no shortage of money to spend on his passions and pursuits. Whether it be space exploration, electric vehicles, real estate or philanthropy, he continues to be an influential figure in the business world. Even after his Retirement from Amazon, he will continue to be one of the most important and powerful figures in the business world.

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