Janasena Parade: Lakhs of people March to Raise political Awareness

Lakhs of people took part in Parade program organised at the Cotten barrage in East Godavari District on Monday, calling for a swift transition of awareness among the youth regarding the current politics. The mass gathering with thousands of youngsters welcomed to the president of Janasena Party’s President Pawan Kalyan, waving their hands at Cotten barrage. it took more than three hours for Pawan kalyan to reach at the stage from bridge. There was lakhs of people standing in lines and showing their curiosity towards this program.

People were calling CM, CM to Pawan Kalyan and Raising slogans and He also encouraging the gathering and came to the top of the Car, and showed his Fist. There was shortage of place on the Cotten barrage, then people took standing on the locks. Massive croud was on the barrage irrespective of Gender, age, cast and religion and Raised their voice to change current political phenomina. Fishermen supported this Parade and put their Ships with Janasena Party’s flags, in lines from Pichuka Lanka to Davelesvaram on the water. There were glimpses of Nationalism and people were carrying National flags along with Janasena Party’s flags. Many left wing and Dalit organisations also supported this Parade and there were Red flags and blue flags seen in this massive event. Thousands of people started participating in this Parade from 6-7 AM and long Ques on the roads. People were following all the traffic rules even there were lakhs of people participating there. Women from East Godavari District welcomed this Parade by Giving Traditional Harathi.


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