Do you remember ‘Bagwati’? Yes, the iconic handbag from the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara that became a source of hilarious discussions among people. 

There is a real-life ‘Bagwati’ and it is priced at over Rs 50 crore. Launched by Italian luxury brand Boarini Milanesi, a video of the bag has now created a stir among people.

There are many expensive things in the world that you may have heard or read about. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the world’s most expensive bag, which has been launched recently. 

Yes, a luxury brand from Italy has designed the world’s most expensive bag. Let us tell you that the company has launched this bag. It is being told that the cost of this bag is Rs 53 crore and this bag has been made for the awareness campaign to save the sea.

According to the information, luxury Italian brand Borini Milanesi made this bag at a cost of 6 million euros (about 53 crore rupees). 

The bag is shiny looking and has 130 carat diamonds and 10 white gold butterflies inside. The purpose of making this bag is to make people aware about sea pollution. Recently, a statement related to this has also been released by Borini Millesi on Instagram.


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The statement reads, ‘We are proud to unveil our bags to protect the ocean and raise awareness. It is a 6 million euro bag. It has further been written that 800 thousand euros from its income will be donated for cleaning the sea. ‘ You can see a video shared in the Instagram post and the beauty of the bag is shown through this video. The bag is light blue and has gold butterflies.

Since being shared, the post has received several comments from people. There were a few who expressed their surprise. Most, however, were not happy and didn’t hold back while expressing their views.

“Raising awareness about ocean pollution by making alligator skin bags, could there be more hypocrisy!” wrote an Instagram user. “Hypocrisy at its peak,” shared another. “What????! This is completely stupid…how killing an animal will help to increase ocean pollution awareness!!?? Nice intention but please find a better way if you actually care about it,” said a third.

“Hypocrisy is ashamed of this hypocrisy of spreading awareness about ocean pollution while skinning the animal which lives in it,” commented a fourth.

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