With the onset of the IPL season, the country is raging in the colours of their favourite team. But there’s more to IPL that meets the eye, specially in regards to the cheerleaders. So here’s some things you need to know about IPL that are based on a cheerleader’s confession.


White over Brown

The racism of the Indian Premier league (IPL) is not appreciated by the cheerleaders in they game. It is evident that 99% of the cheerleading teams at IPL are made of white women, which makes these cheerleaders feel like they are being objectified. In their view, they would like to see more Indian women cheerleaders. Most of them have stopped taking photographs with fans unless they are women and children.

From Bollywood with Love

A lot of cheerleaders land up their IPL jobs because of their dancing contracts in Bollywood. They usually do background dancing in Bollywood music videos, and before the season starts, they are approached by IPL.

Love in the air?

On their relationship with the players, cheerleaders believe that they are ignored for most part. Also, these cheerleaders are not allowed to talk to the players. This, however, does not deter them from partying hard, without the men.

They can’t stop staring

One of the most annoying things for them seems to be the ogling. These women are ogled at with enough men making nasty, kissy faces and trying to takes pictures of these women. In order to avoid that and concentrate on the game, they lock eyes with seemingly nice and smiling people, trying to focus on them for most of the game.

How’s the crib?

The accommodation provided to these girls, in certain cases has been incredibly shabby, 1-star hotels. In one particular situation, the manager for that trip was pocketing the money, by keeping them in a cheap hotel. Post an enquiry on the subject, these girls then got a 3-star, comfortable accommodation.


Yet, most girls agree that if they were asked to return the following year, they would happily do so for the love of the sport.

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