International Consortium vows to bring Sri MGR back to Life

Indian Matinee Idol MGR will soon adorn the Silver Screens Worldwide, thanks to a ground-breaking proprietary new technology called N-Face, an innovation which recreates past real characters back to life photo-realistically on screen created by a Global Media Technology company from Malaysia.

Orange County Sdn Bhd of Malaysia in conjunction with a leading Hollywood VFX Specialist have joined forces to bring back to Life the late Indian Matinee idol M.G.Ramachandran (globally known as MGR) in an International Feature Film being produced as an International Co-Production.

The consortium has already roped in the renowned film Director P. Vasu to helm the directorial responsibilities of this international feature film. With the story and the character registration complete both in Malaysia and in India, the movie will be featuring Indian as well as well-known regional and International artistes.

Orange County is leading an International ensemble of Global Technicians on the Production front and to deploy its cutting-edge N-Face Technology, world-renowned Visual Effects Artists have been put to task.

Apart from India where the movie will be lensed, this Global Production will be shot in other countries such as Malaysia, U.S., Singapore, Japan, China and Thailand.

With the movie being produced in Stereoscopic 3D, the 3D scenes are planned right from the Storyboard stage itself culminating in Live 3D on-location Filming promising to be a realistic visual treat to the masses.

However, this state-of-the art production did not come without its fair share of challenges. On the pre-production front, it took the Company more than 2 years not only to digitally create the famous actor but also to define his characteristic facial expressions and mannerisms using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Orange County CEO, Dato Margali Palaney, points out “Director Vasu has an unique advantage of directing this project, as he literally grew up watching MGR in all possible angles, as his father used to be MGR’s make-up man. Since MGR has been visiting them on a regular basis, the habits, the activities, the delicate nuances of his mannerisms having been well absorbed by Vasu since childhood, made him a natural choice to direct this photo-realistic film. Apart from this, Director Vasu is blessed with the innate talent to extract extraordinary performance required for this movie- another hallmark of his directorial excellence.”

Vimalanathan, the Orange County CTO says “MGR is adored in India till this date as a demi-god to the Tamil people. Even in Malaysia, almost every State has an MGR Fan Club. The countless visits by the masses both from within India and the World over to his buria

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