Indian Govt. launched WhatsApp chatbot to find nearest Covid-19 vaccination centre : read complete report

The govt has launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot on WhatsApp– where users will be able to find all the information related to the vaccination centers

WhatsApp users can easily access the information by sending a message and subsequent replies to automated messages.

As the nation kicked off the phase-3 vaccination drive for all adults on May 1, WhatsApp had come forward to help users find the nearest COVID vaccine center. Users reported facing difficulty in finding the centres closest to them after they registered on the Indian government’s portal CoWIN, which showed vaccination centres based on pin codes and district wise. However, if people have already registered on CoWIN, WhatsApp will help to find the nearest vaccination centre nearest to them. Here are some of the ways people can find the nearest COVID-19 vaccination center.

The government has launched the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot on WhatsApp—where users will be able to find all the information related to the vaccination centre.

How to find nearest vaccination centre using WhatsApp

The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot is available only on WhatsApp and you must be a member of the instant messaging platform to be able to take advantage of the new feature rollout. Follow the steps below to find the nearest vaccination centre.

  1. Save the number 9013151515 or visit this link to open the MyGoV Corona Helpdesk Chatbot.
  2. Type Hi or Namaste in the chat to begin the conversation
  3. An automated response will ask for a series of questions and ultimately your pin code where you reside in. Enter the pin code.
  4. MyGoV Corona Helpdesk Chatbot will then send the list of vaccine centre in the mentioned location.

Apart from WhatsApp, you can also look for nearby vaccination centres through the MapmyIndia platform or even the CoWIN platform. The homepage of the CoWIN website has a ‘find nearby vaccination centres ‘ feature and punching your PIN code will throw a list of all the registered vaccination centres in the area.

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