Thinking back to when you were little there was probably nothing more you wanted than to grow up and become an adult. Now that you are older you look back and wish you were younger again. After all, it was a time where you had almost no responsibility other than school and the occasional chore.

Like many kids, you probably spent a lot of time outside with your friends, riding bikes, playing sports, building forts – all those typical things kids do. Inside, when you weren’t taking out the garbage or cleaning your room, you likely spent your days eating, watching television and playing video games.

Yes, looking back on those days from an adult’s point of view, those days sure seemed a lot simpler.

If we stop and think about our childhood there are probably more than a few moments or memories that can make us cringe. Did we really do some of the stuff we did as kids?

Specifically, looking back and thinking about some of the inappropriate games we played by ourselves or with our friends, it’s amazing we made it out of childhood in one piece.

We played video games that society and our parents thought would twist our little minds, took part in hard hitting physical activities outside with our friends and experimented with the opposite sex in ways that would have made our parents extremely uncomfortable.

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