No matter where in a business you are looking, there are always areas where processes could be improved and save the business money in lost time. Whether this is when there is actual downtime or where it is when an employee is wandering around looking for either tools, equipment, or stock.

Getting organized

It is important in any area of your business that it is kept organized. Making sure that everything has its place and that everything is kept in its place is an important part of being able to work effectively and keep processes moving smoothly.

Making sure that workstations are kept clean and tidy will ensure that employees have not got any distractions within their eye line and will make it easier for them to find the tools and equipment they need in order to get their work done.

By making sure that your warehouse is well organized, your employees will not waste valuable time looking for products but will be able to go straight to where they are stored. Having your shelves labeled will help with this, and if you can use a bar code scanner, then even better as this will log quantities as well as the location for you if you have the right software.

Zoning areas 

Having zoned areas within your warehouse is a good idea, not only zoning for safety reasons but for stock areas too.

It is important employees know where they should walk around your warehouse and where they most certainly should not. This will help enhance safety measures and cut down on the number of accidents that could potentially occur. Make sure to paint these zones on the floor as well as put signage up so that there are plenty of opportunities for your employees to see this information and keep themselves safe.

By having zoned areas for stock, especially if you have a large warehouse, can reduce down the time spent either looking for areas to put stock or where to retrieve the stock from. By using colors for this zoning and marking shelves, walls and putting hanging signage above areas, your employees will be able to see at a glance where they need to go for certain products.

Using your baler correctly

When using equipment within your warehouse, it is important that it is used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This is never more so necessary than when using your baler, whether you use your baler purely for recycling or for baling produce or products from your shop floor. 

Misusing your baler could be adding time to your processes and should be addressed to get the most out of your piece of equipment. For instance, the single loop bale tie is available in a variety of different gauges and has multiple uses due to its flexibility and the lengths available.

If you no longer have your baler manual, or you never had it due to you purchasing your baler second-hand, you can always look up your baler and its model number on the internet to find its instructions there.

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