Helping And Empowering Children Living In Orphanages And Streets To Discover Their True Potential

Make a Difference or MAD is a youth based non-profit organisation that aims to empower children living in orphanages and street shelters to discover their true strengths and unleash their full potential. It is active across 23 cities in India. It is a movement of young people taking ownership of the institutionalized children in our county. Once a year, every ‘MAD’ child is put through an ‘all-time’ experience called the Dream Camp.
Make a Difference or MAD
What is a Dream Camp?

Every year, Make A Difference organizes a dream camp where in the children belonging to centers associated with MAD are taken on an exciting two-day outdoor trip. Dream Camp is a platform for the children to develop skills, explore their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, discuss challenges, and participate in adventure sports and more. It’s a small step towards self-reliance and potential realization.

Make a Difference or MAD

What happens at a Dream Camp?
Dream Camps are planned to be taken up as an all-inclusive initiative, spanning from 1-3 days. The learning’s  are subdivided into small, quantifiable packets of time called ‘sessions’. There will be four plenary sessions which would aim at providing the children with highly practical and realistic learning experiences, where they are addressed by experts from various fields of work, and are planned according to the age group and the associated varying complexities of the children. The sessions would include personality development and gender sensitivity. In addition, there will also be ‘new-experience’ sessions, which are basically really simple things that the kids never got to experience. Eg:- Having a pizza.

Make a Difference or MAD

Through the dream camp, Make A Difference aims at providing the children with a ‘Best days of my life’ experience. It is a completely youth driven event, the driving force being that every child deserves such an exposure to spark a fire that builds courage and determination.
Ensuring that a Dream Camp meets the highest standards of quality does come at a cost. Knowing that a lot of generous donors in the society took up that cost to make the dreams of our kids become a reality during last year’s Dream Camp  has motivated us to make it bigger and better than ever before.

Make a Difference or MAD

Yes, exposure can transform lives. But, can you and I help transform a child’s life? Probably in a dream. Well, turn your dream into reality at the MAD Dream Camp.
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+919632563022 – Riddhima Saha, Co-Lead and CFR Fellow, CFR team, MAD Mysore
+918884045713 -Nidhi Bhola, Co-Lead and CFR Intern, CFR team, MAD Mysore

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