When you head out to discover the unknown, the first thing that comes to mind is moving away from the hectic city life, the overabundance of social media, and the needless tension about work and life that we all suffer from.

The next step is to find the perfect partner. No, we’re not talking about trying to convince your friends to join you for the trip. What we say is finding the best travel buddy, the perfect backpack, that would practically have your back.

When looking for the right backpack for boys, you should keep a few things in mind, like how much space does it have, is it heavy or lightweight, will it be able to keep off rainwater and so forth.

To make your job easy, we’ve assembled a list of the best travel boys’ backpacks so you can comfortably embark on your next trip.

  1. Green Nova Ergolight Backpack

This backpack for boys comes with a neat and ergonomic design and smart features like lightweight and excellent padding. Fastrack Green Nova Polyester ErgoLight backpack is the perfect pick for both long and short trips. Since this versatile piece from Fastrack does not burden your shoulders, you can use it for treks too. Not only this, but this backpack is also recommended by the Nation Health Academy (NHA). So what’s stopping you?

  1. Blue Killer Backpack

Fastrack’s Blue Killer backpack for boys is among the best carry-on luggage available, thanks to its good looks, perfect size, and collection of thoughtful details. Weekend adventurers, pack everything you’ll need and more because this backpack has got you covered. Also, the flexible Sternum straps conform to various body sizes, uniformly spread the weight to help you feel lighter, and ensure that the bag fits snugly to keep the shoulders balanced.

  1. Orange Climber Backpack

This bag is suitable for any trekking or camping journey, with many compartments and enough room to store camping gear. The fantastic looks and fibre-padded cushioned back makes it one of the top choices. What’s more? The flexible and breathable padded shoulder and strap of such boys’ backpacks ensure that you don’t feel exhausted lugging your things around all day.

  1. Olive Khaleesi Backpack – Game Of Thrones Collector’s Edition

You must have seen or heard about the popular series ‘Game of Thrones’, right? Fastrack brings you a Khaleesi’s Dothraki attire inspired backpack for boys. This piece indeed brings out the ruggedness in you. The designs on the strap and front are inspired by the Dothraki suit of armour and will help you lead your khalasar with ferocity. The style and colour are subtle, making it the perfect pick for you to carry on all of your trips, and not just your European backpacking tour.

  1. Black Polyester Backpack 

Though we like to think of ourselves as explorers on incredible journeys, most of our trips are to the office. Even though we won’t be traversing rough terrains, these trips will offer their own set of obstacles, so it’s a smart idea to invest in good boys’ backpacks to carry along. This professional-looking backpack for boys is lightweight, waterproof and has padded shoulder straps. It was designed for a smooth change from work to the mountain top and then back to the city for drinks with friends. It has a vast interior compartment suitable for a change of clothing, as well as a padded area with a 26.67 cm laptop sleeve length and pockets for all your storage needs.

Gone are the days when a backpack used to be simple and boring. Today’s prototypes are more fashionable, functional, and trendy than ever before, with features to complement any lifestyle. If you think boys’ backpacks belong just to the classrooms, you’ll be surprised to see our hand-picked list of the best backpacks available online. There are brands like Fastrack that offers a wide selection of boys’ backpacks in various colours and designs. Explore their site and choose the one that suits you the best.

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