A woman allegedly confined inside a toilet for over a year by her husband was rescued from Rishpur village in Haryana’s Panipat district. The husband, meanwhile, claimed that the woman was mentally unstable.

Women Protection and Child Marriage Prohibition Officer Rajni Gupta, who led the rescue operation, said that the woman did not seem mentally unstable and her physical condition indicates she has been starved. “I received information that a woman was locked in the toilet for over a year. I come here with my team. When we reached here, we found that it was true. It seems that woman has not eaten anything for many days,” Gupta said

She was so weak that she could not even walk; she ate 8 chapattis, when we gave her food,” Gupta added. She was not even given proper food and drinking water in captivity.

“It is being said that she is mentally unstable, but it is not true. We have talked to her and it was apparent that she is not mentally unstable. We can not confirm whether she is mentally unstable or not, but she was locked in the toilet. We rescued her and washed her hair. We have filed a police complaint. Police will take action accordingly

The victim’s husband claims that she is mentally unstable. “She was mentally unstable. We ask her to sit outside but she does not sit there. We have taken her to doctors but there was no improvement in her condition,” he said

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