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There are a huge number of genres, the leaders of which are “shooters” and “role-players”.

Computer games – entertainment that was born many decades ago. Computer had a display and primitive controllers at that time. With their help, it was possible to control what was happening on the screen, and this was the main requirement. Of course, the computer entertainment industry was developing and evolving, reaching its peak when PCs, laptops, tablets and PDAs had been sold in millions of copies. The Internet partly contributed to this, thanks to which users were able to play not only with computer “bots”, but also among each other.

There are a huge number of game genres, each of which has its own army of fans. We will try to highlight several areas that can be called the most popular. Let’s start with the leaders – shooters, arcades and RPGs. The first, as you might have guessed, will force the player to shoot from a wide variety of weapons. Typically, these games are in the format of first or third person.

As for role-playing games or RPG, here you have to play a character who will change during the performance of certain tasks – to be pumped up, developed. He will need to collect equipment, cooperate or fight with other characters, raise characteristics and so on. This genre is especially popular in client network games.

 Arcade or casual games, which also include logic puzzles, are in special demand among fans of browser games. They can be played at any time and in any place where there is Internet access to your Xbox. Such games are also called office games, because with their help they love to kill their paid time, locked up in closed rooms, employees of numerous companies. Gambling, which should be placed in a separate group, also occupies a special place. You can play them either on your phone or Xbox. The fact is that if an ordinary interactive game does not pose a danger to the average player, then casinos, slots, poker can harm finances if a player loses. In most cases, even if you started playing King Billy Casino for australian players or for the US or any other, you will start to play on your real money. Of course there are a great number of games where you can buy some stuff for real money. Let’s consider then one of the most controversial but very exciting games – Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

 In the game you can buy many different things or boosters in the game store. Many of them are not cosmetics.

There is a large variation of various cosmetic items, but everything is not limited to them: you can buy blueprints for weapons, body kits for guns, vehicles, including even a military armored personnel carrier and other various things. We compared versions of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. 

We came to the conclusion that the game on both consoles looks almost the same – with all the advantages and disadvantages. We have chosen the main thing from the analysis.

On both consoles there are two image modes: in the first, the resolution of the image increases, and in the second – its overall quality. Digital Foundry notes that in the latter, enhanced shading (AO) is most striking. This itself is not too big a difference, but in general, the picture in the quality priority mode looks more accurate.

 On the Xbox One X, this mode uses dynamic resolution from 1080p to 1152p. Otherwise, the image is rendered at 1800p, which makes the image much clearer. However, Digital Foundry does not exclude that dynamic resolution can also be used here.

In both modes, the game runs at a frequency of 30 frames per second with adaptive vertical synchronization.

On the PlayStation 4 Pro, the situation with the modes is similar – only the resolution is different. So, with the priority of the picture, it is 1080p, and the resolution is from 1296p to 1440p. In addition, in the latter case, on PS4 Pro, FPS drawdowns and “image tears” occur somewhat more often than on Microsoft’s console.

  As for the quality of lighting and textures, we can say that Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have parity.

Slight differences are noticeable in the range of vegetation, however, this may be due to the technology of randomized surfaces used in the Anvil engine.

To create changing surfaces, a technology similar to parallax occlusion mapping is used, only here the deformation occurs in real time.

In addition, there are problems with textures. They are noticeably loaded, materials and dirt look realistic, but the characters’ faces have a lack of details. Also, in some places in the game, cubic maps  are used to create reflections, so mirrors and glasses do not reflect at all what is happening around.

Most of the time, Breakpoint on the Xbox One X in both modes produces a stable 30 frames per second. However, in some locations, for example, in a hub, the indicator can drop to 26 FPS.

On the PS4 Pro, the situation is kinda worse. Drawdowns of up to 24 frames per second are also observed in the open area.

In general, Digital Foundry believes that the version of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for the Xbox One X is the best of the console ones. Despite all the graphic flaws, the game uses interesting technologies that may become popular in the future…

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