How to Have Fun in College Without Money

Entertainment is crucial in college. As they say, there’s no better time in life than the time you spend in college. You meet new people from different parts of the world. There are numerous opportunities to make your life better when you leave. And not forgetting, the freedom. There’s no one monitoring you and controlling what you do. 

For this reason, there’s no limit to the fun things you can do.

Unfortunately, entertainment in college has a price tag. You can go to the best clubs or road trips without money. However, if you’re broke, this doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. 

There are plenty of entertainment options you can take advantage of without money. We’ve compiled a list of the best activities to make your time in college memorable. Let’s dive right in.

Take Advantage of School Parties

College-sponsored events are an excellent example of free entertainment. In most cases, these events will be on campus, or the school will provide transport to a given location. Because these events are designed with students in mind, there’s no doubt you’ll have tons of fun.

Some examples of fun events in college include:

  • Sporting events
  • Greek life fairs
  • Freshmen parties
  • College-sponsored fiestas
  • Music festivals (for some courses)

You can tag your friends along to ensure you have even more fun. If they’re not up for it, don’t be afraid to go along. Who knows, you could make even more friends while having fun.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Sometimes college-sponsored entertainment events are not for everyone. You may find that certain activities are only meant for specific students. Therefore, you may not always be able to take part in the entertainment. Luckily, there are more options for you.

One excellent way to find free entertainment is through social media. Explore Facebook and Instagram for free events within your area. In most cases, these events are either free or really cheap. If you have to pay to attend, consider pulling funds with your friends.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

In most places where there are colleges and universities, you won’t miss entertainment spots offering college discounts. In fact, these discounts are not just for entertainment. You can get incredible offers for food, clothing, and other items. 

Therefore, before you pull out your wallet, always find out on Google if there are student discounts in your area.

However, the point of taking advantage of student discounts is to cut back on your expenses. Therefore, if you know a place which offers entertainment at an even lower price without the discount, go there. Again, consider pulling your resources with friends to cut back even further.

Stop Using Uber and Lyft

Most students can’t afford crucial services like those offered at due to lack of funds. But if you check their expenditure, you’ll find that most of them use Uber and Lyft to get around daily. 

There’s nothing wrong with these rider apps. However, they can create a dent in your wallet and make it impossible to afford simple things like entertainment.

One way to get your finances back in order and get entertainment back on your priority list is by using public transport. While public transport isn’t as convenient as Uber and Lyft, it’s way cheaper. Not to mention, you’ll get to learn about the city better if you’re moving around on your own.

Attend City-Wide Events

If your college is based in a lively city, you won’t miss a city-wide event or two. In most cases, the entertainment is high-end, and the entry fees are quite low. 

This is the perfect mix for a student on a budget. However, one of the reasons why entertainment is so cheap is that it’s sponsored by city vendors.

They want to get as many people inside so that they can sell their products. Therefore, you need to be careful about impulse buying because it can take your budget through the roof. Tag some friends along and hold each other accountable. 

Have fun without spending money you don’t have.

Time for Some Free Entertainment

As you can see, you don’t have to have the fortune to afford entertainment in college. There are multiple ways to get free events and affordable entertainment spots around the city. 

So don’t spend all your time working on essays and attending classes. Once in a while, put on your dancing shoes and have fun without blowing your budget. 

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Author: Jennifer Walter

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