Facebook Updates that are Too Good to Miss

As the summer months begin to come to a close, it seems that Facebook has a plethora of new announcements that you cannot miss. These could go on to affect both consumers and businesses for the better. So, there’s little point in waiting around; here are some of the top new Facebook updates that are too good to miss. 

New Ads Available in Instagram’s Shop Tab 

The innovation shown by the social media sites when it comes to advertising really is commendable. Instagram and Facebook have been working to bring consumers cross-platform advertising, and this is their newest addition. The features they offer have gone on to affect how other businesses layout products on their site and the web apps they create. It has led multiple businesses to seek out the help of a web app development agency in order to bring their ideas to life in order to keep up with the evolving and creative tech that the likes of Facebook offer consumers. 

The new ads that Facebook are providing will appear as tiles on the home page of the Instagram shop. Here, prospective customers will be able to click on a product and be taken to a page with a larger range of details. This development is obviously extremely shop-focused as it will allow users to save items to their wish list and also share different items with friends. 

All New Horizon Workrooms Available for Oculus Users 

A lot of companies have adopted permanent working from home measures following the pandemic, and Facebook is capitalizing on that by developing a new feature for Oculus. It is essentially a virtual reality workroom, where users can attend meetings as if they are in the office. This means that people will have more freedom to speak as if they are in an actual meeting, which usually results in more ideas being generated and a better chance to hear from the rest of your team. 

While this is an incredibly cool feature, it may not be a game-changer in the realm of remote working as there aren’t many businesses that use Oculus. Realistically, Zoom still remains a viable option, and it’s unlikely businesses will deviate so massively from that for the sake of a VR conference room. 

A New Campaign Ideas Generator 

If you struggle to come up with campaign ideas for both Instagram and Facebook, then the new Campaign Ideas Generator will be a useful development. This tool will be able to shine a light on some ideas that should be able to provide that much-needed inspiration with additional resources. It even comes built with pre-made assets that can be tailored to a small business’s needs. 

It is incredibly easy to use as all a business will need to do is select their business type, and then the tool will provide them with a number of different campaign ideas, along with industry insight and some tips on how you can succeed. This event comes built with campaigns tailored towards specific holidays, so you will be able to create more niche content that will help you even more. 

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