Actor Emraan Hashmi has criticised the Central Board of Film Certification’s order to rename his forthcoming film from “Cheat India” to “Why Cheat India”. The actor says that instead of changing the title, we need to change the education system of the country.

Emraan was interacting with the media to promote “Why Cheat India” along with his co-actress Shreya Dhanwanthary here on Monday.

The film’s title was reportedly changed after an objection from the CBFC.



Reacting to the change, Emraan said, “Now they (CBFC) have directed us and we have changed title of the film. We are a little upset that they have told us to do that just seven days before the release of the film. They approved the title when we released promo of the film and now, while giving censor certificate to the film, they had issue with the title of the film.”

Mumbai: Actors Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary at a press conference organised to promote their upcoming film “Why Cheat India”, in Mumbai on Jan 14, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

Emraan added that the Indian audience is sensible enough to know what is good and what is bad in the film.

“It’s a little saddening because we were working towards release of the film and now, suddenly we are changing title of the film. They thought that ‘Cheat India’ is a negative title so, they suggested us to change it to ‘Why Cheat India’ as they felt that it will bring positivity to the title. But I feel you should know that our audience is sensible enough to know what is good and what is bad.”

Emraan added that instead of changing the title of a film we should rectify the issues of the educational system.

“Cheating mafias are cheating in our country and that’s why we kept title ‘Cheat India’. It is very easy to change title of the film but I think more than changing title of a certain film, we need to change the system, then youth of this generation will have a brighter future.”

Talking about the loopholes in the education system he said, “I have learned a few things in my school life as a student but there are lots of things which I haven’t learnt during that period.”

“We concentrate on mugging rather than understanding a subject. In colleges, our faculties are unqualified or they are disinterested in teaching. We have limited seats in educational institutes where huge number of students pass out from schools and colleges every year.”

The actor added that he didn’t know that the cheating mafia is an organized crime in the country.

“I knew about cheating mafias but I didn’t know it’s such a huge organised crime. In every state of the country, there is the existence of cheating mafias. We give 60 percent reservation in educational institutes so, in remaining 40 percent, if we start giving seats to undeserving students then where will deserving students go? I thought it’s a very important issue and somebody needs to make a film on a subject like this so that people will become aware about such practices.”

Emraan said they want the film to get tax-free status in cinemas.

The film will hit cinemas this Friday.

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