While everyone has their favourite genre, there are just some movies that stand head and shoulders above the crowd for inspiration. Not simply providing entertainment, these movies will change your life and make you take a long, hard look at yourself.

If you’re a school or college student here are eight of the best must see movies to get your motivated.

  1. The Breakfast Club

Taking the top spot is The Breakfast Club, the movie that took a bunch of misfits and placed them into detention together. Iconic performances from Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez show viewers that there is hope and friendship, even in Saturday morning detention. With a memorable soundtrack, this movie has transcended the decades to retain its place in the top spot of classic high school movies.


  1. The Great Debaters

This stand out film, directed by and starring Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah Winfrey tells the true story of a college professor who inspires his class into taking on Harvard at the debating championships. They duly become the first black debating team to take on the giants but whether they win or not, you’ll have to see for yourself.


  1. Legally Blonde

Proving that blondes don’t just have more fun but that they can also take on the male dominated legal profession and teach their counterparts a thing or two. Funny and motivational, a great performance from Reese Witherspoon.

Sally Kitchener, a Teacher at Boomessays and Essayroo, said: “It does appear from the outset to just be very funny but there are some great performances in this movie and it actually has some inspirational life lessons for us all”.


  1. Educating Rita

The story of a mature student who goes back to college and finds a love of literature and her own self worth. Despite her husband, who is challenged by her new found love of learning, Rita pushes on and fulfils her education ambitions. A movie that challenges notions of gender, class and snobbery it’s a classic and stars the UK’s favourites: Julie Walters and Michael Caine.


  1. Good Will Hunting

A classic film starring the late Robin Williams that sees him as an inspirational therapist who mentors a young man struggling to rise above his position as a janitor despite being supremely intelligent and gifted in mathematics.

The film sees the young man beating all the obstacles that hold him back despite all the odds stacked against him.


  1. The Theory Of Everything

Starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, this brilliant movie tells the story of award winning scientist Dr Stephen Hawking. Despite his slow deterioration into the incapacitating illness Motor Neurone Disease, Professor Hawking continues to stun the world with his groundbreaking theories and books. An inspiring movie that shows disability should be no barrier to greatness.

Educator at Academized and Paperfellows Tom Standen said: “Professor Hawking was an extraordinary man and this film tells the story of his amazing life, even as he slowly loses it. His theories have changed how we view the world. He was a trailblazer”.


  1.  The Social Network

If anyone can inspire you to follow your dreams it’s got to be Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg in this movie about a Harvard student who sees his ambitions transforming him into a multi billionaire. While his career is not all smooth sailing, his drive and sacrifice tell an inspiring tale.

Particularly relevant to today’s Internet soaked culture, it shows you that with a simple but brilliant idea there are no limits as to how far your imagination can take you.


  1. The Blind Side

The true tale of a young homeless teen Michael Oher adopted by a family who nurtured his obvious footballing talents and saw him transformed into a professional player. Despite all the many setbacks in his life Oher finally gets the love and support he needs to see his ambitions fulfilled and finds the love of a family.

With so many amazing movies just ready to entertain and inspire you, you’re going to need a lot of popcorn. Let these fantastic tales motivate you to be the best you can be.


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