DYTTO – This 19 year old Barbie girl leaves very one spell bound by her amazing dance performance on the Remo’s hosted Dance Plus 3 show.

I have never seen anyone dance better to the grooving and seducing to the iconic Bollywood number ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’.

She dances for this song in her Robotic steps which clearly leaves every one amazed.

Who is DYTTO?

Dytto, born April 27, 1998, is a female animation dancer, well-known personality, and possibly a real-life robot. You may have spotted Dytto in her multiple appearances on The Ellen Show, her several viral dance videos, advertisements, or from her various live performances. She is now signed with Xcel Talent Agency, and is continuing to grow what she calls her #dyttofam. Find more on her Youtube Channel: Dytto.

They call Dytto the “Barbie Girl” for a reason. Her first video and first live performance to reach over 40 million on multiple platforms shocked the internet, and shocked Dytto, too. She freestyled on her birthday for the first time on stage to a Barbie Girl Trap Remix and cannot help but to continuously claim it as “The best 17th birthday gift she could have ever received.”


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