DIY Ideas for Selling Products Online

Whether you happen to be looking to make some extra cash on the side, or you possess a wonderful talent for crafting beautiful DIY creations, now might be the right time to take your abilities online and turn your hobby into a profit. 

The handicraft market looks set to grow exponentially in the near future, making it an exciting area for anyone wishing to commercialize their creativity in a substantial capacity. 

Selling your very own product can offer you the chance to work for yourself, at a pace that suits you best and with materials you know and trust.

If you are stuck thinking about what to sell, then it might be worth taking a look at some options that you can begin to start crafting from the comfort of your own home. 


An age-old favorite of the hopeless romantic and the aromatherapist alike, handmade candles have been a handicraft staple for a while, perhaps transcending its humble beginnings as a simple source of light. 

Moreover, basic candles are now incredibly easy to make, making them a viable option for anyone wanting to go for a wallet-friendly new pursuit. 

Once you have the basics of candle making mastered, it takes little more than setting up a website to start getting your new business rolling. Learning to truly master the art of selling your own product is extremely complex and nuanced, however, so coming up with a unique brand and a complimentary marketing strategy is essential. 


If you love to paint, then you might be spoilt for choice if you want to look into selling your masterpieces online. 

There are many platforms on which you can sell prints, but one of the biggest hurdles is making yourself visible among the throngs of like-minded individuals. 

Visibility is the main ingredient for most budding entrepreneurs, and starting your own website, complete with an art blog, is a great way of making yourself known. 

Instagram is also an immensely useful tool in this regard. Since it essentially relies on the distribution of images, it might be a prime place to market your stunning works of art. 

If you wanted to look further afield, you might want to consider applying your designs on clothing, as platforms like Redbubble make it increasingly easy for designers to get their products noticed. Furthermore, this does not require you to possess an inventory full of the product itself, which is great news for anyone looking to keep operations as simple and manageable as possible. 

Guitar Pedals 

For the technically minded and the music lovers, it is certainly worth looking into making your very own guitar pedals. 

They can be a fun project to take on, and since they are a specialized product, you already have a head start when it comes to the marketing side of operations. 

Parts can be sourced relatively cheaply, and many circuit designs can be downloaded for free from music websites. 

Fantastic online platforms have made it easier to source specific parts like a great digikey prototype board, which is good news for anyone looking to find consistent, reliable suppliers. 

Guitarists sure love their pedals, so if you spend a while working on a new design aesthetic, you might be able to observe some hefty profit margins, provided you put the practice in with the soldering iron. 


Jewelry done right can be beautiful, eye-catching, and steeped in class. A timeless gift for a host of occasions, jewelry does not need to be confined to the realm of gold and diamonds by any means. 

Learning to weave and thread can help to create some exquisite pieces, especially when incorporating wooden beads that boast hand-carved designs. 

It can be difficult to get jewelry right since alternative options can be highly dependent on individual taste. By embracing this and creating your own unique style, you can offer something totally different to your customers, from shiny bracelets to leather bracelets from heavy to lightweight earrings and from nice decent necklaces to quite bulky ones.

This is also a fantastic way of promoting sustainable materials in manufacturing, an ever-present issue on the minds of many businesses and consumers the world over

Bath Bombs 

An evening of pampering would rarely be complete without the fine addition of the bath bomb. 

They are fun, popular, and relatively easy to make yourself. They make great gifts, so if you were hoping to sell your DIY projects as wonderful presents for people of all demographics, the bath bomb might be the way to go. 

The global care and beauty market is worth billions of dollars, and bath bombs might be a wonderful entry point to start your new career in pampering delights. Other ideas include scented soaps, shampoo, and even lip balm. 

Develop an App

If technology users around the world did indeed spend 3.5 trillion minutes on apps last year, it might be safe to say that the demand is out there. 

If you have a passion for web design, coding, or you simply have a great idea for an app, then why not try your hand at building one yourself? 

Admittedly, the process can quickly become extremely expensive without the right digital know-how, but if you ever had training in computer science, programming or app design itself, then you may be able to find yourself a lucrative new project to embark on. 

YouTube Reviews

Some of the most-watched YouTubers can make a great deal of money, which is perhaps why so many aspiring gamers turn their attention towards the video-sharing giant. 

If you happen to have a passion for a subject and you can make good use of video editing techniques, it might be an avenue well worth exploring. Plus, you can set up your channel for virtually no startup costs whatsoever. 

Even if it is not your main source of income, after a while, you will no doubt start to see at least some monetary return on your videos, and if you love discussing a subject anyway, it might be worth seeing how that translates in YouTube’s vast world of videos. 

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