David Villa was touching me every f***ing day: Ex-MLS intern details sexual harassment, says changing entire career

Skyler Badillo Opens Up On Alleged Claims Of Sexual Harassment By David Villa: The NYCFC intern had previously accused the Spanish striker of sexually harassing.

David Villa’s time in the MLS was nothing what he would have envisaged. His short stay at New York City in his second outing with the club was marred by claims of sexual harassment with the club’s intern, Skyler Badillo directing the allegations his way.

While nothing is yet to come of an investigation launched by the club since the claims took centre stage, Skyler Badillo has once again raked up the issue. Speaking about the purported allegations to Athletic, she talked at length about Villa touching her on a daily basis and how her repeated complaints were shot down by the organisation.

Skyler Badillo’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Claims. Skyler Badillo had earlier in July 2020 taken to her Twitter account, Skyler B to make the allegations against Villa. Skyler B said: “The harassment I went through at NYCFC was so bad that now the idea of professional sports terrifies me.

“Staying in the field of athletics terrifies me. I’m changing my entire career because the shit they did to me ruined my dreams. “I thought I was getting the opportunity of a lifetime when I got that internship.

“What I got was David Villa touching me every f****** day and my bosses thinking it was great comedic material. Women brave enough to tell their stories this loudly are my heroes. Someday.

“I still find it hilarious that I was constantly told I had a terrible attitude at that job like I wasn’t showing up every day knowing I was gonna be groped or mocked or two hand shoved in the back. Of f****** of course I had a bad attitude!!”

David Villa Strenuously Denies The Claims .The New York City man had refuted all such claims and had said that the claims made by Skyler were concocted and he would be taking action against her.

“I strongly object to the accusations made about me on Twitter. These accusations are entirely false and I deny them. “I repeat, these accusations are totally false. Harassment is a severe problem for many people. It dishonors those who suffer harassment for others to claim it as an excuse to make false accusations.

“As our legal team works to address these false charges, I ask the media and the public to please respect my right to the presumption of innocence in this matter,” David Villa’s statement added. New York City Football Club Commence An Investigation Into The Incident 

“New York City Football Club has learned of the allegations made by a former intern by seeing them on social media. We take this matter extremely seriously and do not tolerate harassment of any kind in any areas of our organization. We immediately launched an investigation into the matter.”

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