Dangerously Beautiful Blue Pit Viper On Rose

Netizens are captivated by the beauty of the blue pit viper. in tNetizens are in awe of the viral video of a blue pit viper snake coiled around a red rose on Twitter.

But, netizens were terrified when they came to know the truth of the beautiful show of nature. The blue pit viper snake is among the most poisonous snakes in the world. 

The video that shows the rare snake, the beautiful blue pit viper was tweeted by Life on Earth. The video shows a beautiful blue pit viper snake resting in the backdrop of a mesmerizing red rose. Everyone was beyond thrilled.

Based on the study by Australian Geographic, the rare blue pit viper belongs to the white-lipped island pit viper.  The group of the white lipped island pit viper is called Trimeresurusinsularis which is related to the other species, pit viper viz T. Albolabris. 

These beautiful snakes are residents of Southeast Asia and specifically find abode in the Sunda islands, Indonesia. Unlike its other relatives who are free in color, this pit viper remains excitingly blue for its entire life. This blue pit viper sunbathing against the red rose is a star now. If you are on social media, you must know this star, a rare stardom.

‘It is implied that this is not an ontogenetic or temporary colour – these blue snakes are blue their entire life.’ says Stephen Mahony, Herpetology Collection at Australian Museum while speaking with Australian Geographic.

Here is the video:


Some of the replies of netizens were:

 ‘Is it really blue? Is it possible? Awesome.’ Other netizens just called it a ‘masterpiece of nature.’

 ‘How beautiful is this blue pit viper and watch it stand out against the dark red rose.’ Pritish Menon Nandy tweeted.

This strikingly beautiful snake attracts its prey with the help of its color. What a wonder of nature. Wow.

A snake bite from this gem of mother nature’s wildlife treasure can prove a threat to life and is ultimately deadly. It can cause pain, swelling, necrosis of the flesh and intense internal as well as external bleeding.

Here are some of the tweets from the netizens:


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