Everyone feels they need just a little more space in their home, no matter how many times they upsize. As people go through life, they collect ornaments, furniture, souvenirs, and other objects along the way, all of which require a dedicated space within the house.

However, while it may seem as though the only conceivable option is to move to a bigger place, there are, in fact, a number of ingenious ways of creating more room, making your possessions work around your home, rather than the other way round.

Furthermore, in most cases, the solution is so quick, simple and cheap, that you will be amazed you never considered it before. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways of creating more space so that you can start enjoying your home once again.



The most logical place to start when you are in the process of opening up spaces is clearing away any unnecessary clutter that has come to dominate your home. Not only will this instantly free up room that can be used to store more important objects, but it can also have a powerful psychological effect, leading to a reduction in stress, improved self-esteem and increased levels of concentration.

Trying to do everything at once will leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, therefore, the best way to declutter is to go room by room, dividing each one up into zones and working through them methodically to achieve the most satisfying results. If you struggle to find the motivation to start or you are not ruthless enough in what you throw out, then there are lots of organizations that offer professional declutterers who can help you out.

Put up shelves

Installing shelves in your house is a fantastic way of clearing floor space and utilizing the walls that would otherwise be reserved for pictures. Whether they are used for books, ornaments, or sports trophies, shelves add a cozy dimension to a room, they look good aesthetically, and they can be very cheap to buy, particularly if you make them yourself from scratch.

All they require is a bit of wood, some tools and a spare afternoon, and you will immediately be able to start using them to store items taking up valuable floor space. If you do not feel confident putting them up by yourself, or you simply do not have the time, then the best option is to hire a handyman who will be able to do it all for you.


Think vertical

While it may be instinctive to store items from left to right, sometimes it helps to think vertically, considering the space below your head and by your feet too. Stacking objects on top of each other, placing things on top of wardrobes and into plastic boxes that go under the bed are all very effective methods of freeing up space.

Make sure if you do store items up high that you have a step ladder that you can use to reach them as and when they are needed. In addition, avoid storing heavy items, such as boxes full of books above head height as they can cause serious injury should they fall on top of someone who does not know they are there.


Take advantage of external storage

Although some people might consider external storage a service for only those who are moving house, they can also be great places for people who want to create space yet have not yet decided what they want to keep and what should be thrown away.

Taking advantage of off-site storage space gives you the chance to live without certain items, and make decisions about whether they are necessary to have in your home. Often, taking items out of context can allow you to see them in a different light and be more decisive about whether they are worth keeping or not.


Remove walls

Depending on your budget, removing a wall to make a house more open plan is a highly effective way of creating more space and adding more light. It can completely change the dynamic, too, giving you more flexibility in what you do with the rest of the house.

When your home becomes cluttered, it can make you feel as though you are being suppressed, with no room to maneuver or make the changes you would like to.

Fortunately, there is always the potential for making more space within your home, whether it is clearing away clutter, putting up shelves or taking a step back and looking at how you can use the space you have already got more intelligently.


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