A video of hundreds of tourists bathing at the Kempty Falls in Mussoorie surfaced on the internet on Wednesday and has gone viral on social media.

Tourists flocked to Uttarakhand’s top holiday destinations Mussoorie and Nainital after Covid-19 restrictions were eased in a situation that was rather similar to Himachal Pradesh. Hotels were full and there were long queues of vehicles on the streets as people escaped to the hills in order to beat the heat in the plains.

In a video similar to the ones seen before in parts of Himachal Pradesh, hundreds of tourists were found washing away their lockdown blues by flocking to the popular Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. The video went viral on social media soon and internet users were left aghast at the blatant flouting of Covid-19 norms. With not person caring about wearing a face mask or social distancing, the video gives off vibes of an impending third coronavirus wave, sooner rather than later.

The video was shared on Instagram from an account So Delhi and later also went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, sparking outrage at the nonchalant attitude of the holiday goers

One user was particularly scathing in his comment, “Empty brains at Kempty.”

Another user said, “Have they forgot the months of April and May, the suffering, the fight for breath, struggle for life. Perhaps they were the ones who never experienced such things, they were lucky somehow. But this is disastrous.”

Recently, a similar video posted on social media showed a little boy walking on a crowded street and scolding everyone who was walking without a mask in Dharamshala. The video was originally shared on Instagram and later on YouTube as well.

In the video, the little kid, who is wearing a mask and has no slippers on, is seen holding a plastic stick with which he pokes everyone who passes him by and asks, “Tumhara mask kaha hai?” (Where is your mask?) But unsurprisingly, no one pays much attention to him.

The five-year-old kid named Amit has now been made the local police’s mascot for coronavirus protocols

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