While winter is very much here and settled in, for MLB fans it’s all about the arrival of spring and the start of the new baseball season. But the good news is that fans don’t have to wait for the regular season to start to enjoy the action, as spring training is only six weeks away. So, what’s a fan to do between now and then? How can diehard MLB fans fill their time until the end of February when spring training begins? We’ve got some great tips for you to try.

Mild Weather? Throw a Ball Around

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean it’s frigid for the entire country. If you’re in an area that is experiencing mild temperatures, why not go outdoors and throw a ball around with friends? It doesn’t have to be a formally organized game, but rather a spur-of-the-moment session for everyone to just have fun.

Bring the Action Home with an Online Simulation

Why not bring all the action of the game to your home with an online simulation game? Fantasy baseball is extremely popular as it gives “players” – which is you – a chance to see what it would be like in the big leagues. Check out options like Imaginesports, which takes a unique approach and loads up your team with legendary players from MLB history, with a roster of more than 18,000 to choose from. These types of online games can be perfect for filling your free time and feeding your passion for the sport.

Catch Up on Baseball-Themed Flicks

Another fun tip is to catch up on baseball-themed movies and television shows. Baseball is called “America’s favorite pastime” for a reason, and there are millions of fans who feel just as passionate as you. 

Some of the must-see baseball-themed movies on your watch list should include:

  • Field of Dreams
  • Bull Durham
  • Moneyball
  • A League of Their Own
  • Eight Men Out
  • Sugar
  • Up for Grabs
  • 42

You can watch one movie a weekend until spring training starts and that way you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Stock Up on Fan Apparel – Be Prepared for the Season to Start

Any superfan knows you have to sport fan apparel during a game, so this is the perfect time to start scouring the stores to find all the latest offerings. Waiting until the season begins means you may not have the same selection.

Plan an Opening Day Viewing Party

While opening day for the MLB is still a couple of months away, that doesn’t have to stop you from planning a viewing party. Think of it as your version of a Superbowl party. This means planning out the food, snacks and beverages, making sure you’ve got plenty of seating for all and giving your friends lots of notice that the party will be happening. You can check the MLB official schedule to see when your team has its first home game.

Thanks to these tips, the off-season for the MLB doesn’t have to be boring for super fans like yourself; it’s all about finding ways to keep the excitement alive.

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