Coping with Anger in Addiction Recovery

One of the main reasons why people relapse after heroin addiction treatment is because of anger.

Anger is an intense emotion that when it becomes uncontrollable, one can become unreasonable. It is the reason why many people fail with their recovery some days, weeks, months, or years following their heroin addiction cure.

Following heroin addiction treatment, it is challenging for recovering individuals to handle their anger. Gone are the days when they have to use heroin to feel numb of the pain and anger they feel inside.

How are you going to handle anger in recovery?

During anger management class, experts instruct their students to shout loud or beat a pillow with a baseball bat. They are also advised to count one to ten and practice breathing strategies until they calm down.

Learning how to deal with anger during heroin drug abuse treatment and therapy is an integral part of recovery. Experts teach their students how to deal with anger appropriately and not to treat it as unhealthy and destructive.

Significantly, they know that anger is not a bad thing. Anger only gets a negative impression when people react violently.

Did you ever get angry while in heroin addiction treatment or your recovery? Here are the things that your anger may be telling you:


  • Emotional distress:


Someone can get angry when their emotional needs are not met. For instance, one reason why people use heroin or relapse after heroin abuse treatment is that they were misunderstood, ignored, or disrespected.

They get angry and frustrated when they are not able to express what causes their anger. During therapy, your counselor will help you identify your emotional needs and pinpoint, which ones are not met.

The emotional needs that were left unsettled become the reason to relapse again and again. This is the reason why therapy plays a very significant role in recovery.

  1. Someone crosses your boundary:

Some recovering individuals have difficulty communicating that they don’t need someone to rule their lives. Some people feel abused because they don’t know how to tell people that they don’t need someone to tell them what they need to do in life or after their heroin addiction treatment.

Are there people like these who are taking advantage of you, but you don’t know how to react? Sometimes, anger starts when recovering individuals fail to set healthy boundaries in their lives.

  1. Vulnerability:

Following your cure for heroin addiction, you should be aware that anger can arise due to vulnerable emotions residing within you. It could be humiliation, shame, anxiety, fear, and insecurity.

However, when you are angry, these negative feelings become the opposite. When you’re mad, you become powerful. Often, you blame other people for these emotions.

Before you became angry, examine yourself and assess what made you angry. Identifying the main reason for your anger can reduce the stress and consequence of being angry.

  1. Your core values have been hurt:

Another underlying cause that recovering individuals have to look into why they get angry following their heroin addiction treatment has something to do with their core values. Core values are different with different people.

It could be respect, love, solitude, justice, freedom, independence, loyalty, family, adventure, or security. The core values that we have are very much attached to our emotions.

Unfulfilled core values bring anger to ourselves or other people. Before you get angry, check yourself, was your core value compromised?

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