Confused Between Superhero and Princess for Your Kid’s Party Invitation? Try These Innovative New Ideas

The old saying is that you get only one chance to make a first impression. The same applies to the birthday party invitations as well. Based on the invitation, guests set their expectations for the entire party.

To get the children excited for your kid’s birthday party, you should take a look at the creative invitation ideas given below. They are different from the regular princess and superhero themes and are very simple to follow:

Edible Invitation

Get the kids started on the party snacks and cake days before the actual party. Send invitations that kids can eat like animal crackers, cookies, gummy bears, muffins, or tarts.

You can cut out paper large enough to cover one side of the snack box, on which you can print the party details like venue, time, dress code, etc. However, it would be better to deliver these invitations in person rather than having them spoiled in the mail.


Go green! If you do not want to waste paper and other materials, you can send out online invitations. There are  online free invitation maker available, which you can use easily. You can send the invitation via text, email, or a shareable link directly to the parents. This way, you eliminate the possibility of kids losing the invitation before it reaches the parents.

Spy Invitations

Spy themed birthday parties are a big hit among children. You can cut out letters from old magazines and paste them on the invitation. You can also use invisible ink for writing out the details on the invite. Make sure you put in the instructions along with the invitation, explaining how to reveal the ink.

Beach Summer Party

If your kid’s birthday is falling in the summer, then you can organize a beach-themed party. Have the other kids come in bathing suits to get in the mood. You can send out invitations on an inexpensive flip-flop.

Paste the party details at the bottom of the slipper. You can also print the information on a beach ball, which has to be inflated to read. If you are opting for a simple invitation, then you can decorate it with small charms of a shell, starfish, surfboard, etc.

Video Invitations

In today’s world, everything is digitized. Then why not digitize the invitation cards as well. Video invitations are the newest trendsetters, and there are many online video editor platforms to help you create videos quickly and easily.

It is an exciting and innovative way of sending an invite. You can make the video through the various platforms available online. Out of many, some are online video editor no watermark-free.

Use this to create a clear and detailed video invitation. You can scan some pictures of your kid and put them in the video with his/her favorite song in the background.

3D Invitation with Glasses

Another fun idea to keep the kids excited. The invitation can be made as an anaglyph 3D, which can only be read through old-school 3D glasses.

Send the glasses along with the invitation for guests to read out the details. You can also paste a picture of your kid wearing the glasses on the invite to make it more fun.

Voice Card Invitations

Do you want to sing out the invitation to your guests? This is possible by using recordable sound cards. You can record your invite in a fun and exciting way or sing it out in your melodious voice.

If the sound card seems appropriate, you can directly send out the card, or you can paste it inside another paper card. Make sure you hide the sound card properly within the sheets, and only the start button is visible at the top.

Personalized Candy Bar Invitation

This can be a little expensive, but it will, for sure, excite the young guests. You can custom design the candy bar wrapper and wrap it around the candy. Candy bar wrappers like Hershey’s, Cadbury, Willy Wonka, Skittles, etc. are readily available online.

You can print out the guest’s name in the place of the candy bars brand, and other details like venue time can be mentioned as nutritional facts at the back.

Jigsaw Puzzle Invitation

Do you want the kids to stimulate their brains while reading the invitation card? You can then send out the invitations to the recipients in puzzle pieces to create a big first impression.

The puzzle can be completed to reveal a postcard, letter, report card, etc. with all the party details in it. The completed puzzle can also suggest the theme of the party. In case it’s a beach-themed party, the puzzle can reveal a beach with kids playing volleyball.

Crossword Invitation

The answers and clues are a great way to make the birthday party invitation personal and fun. It can a little time consuming to create an easy yet moderately difficult crossword for kids, but it will interest them for sure.

In case you do not want to design it yourself, you can get them professionally made from outside. You can use photographs as the background of the puzzle.

Book Invitation

Storybooks are a favorite of every kid. You can send out books as an invitation and hide the invitation between the pages. If you are planning a theme party, then you can use the characters of the book at the party. For example, if you are sending out the Harry Potter books, then you can plan a wizard theme party where children are expected to come dressed as a character from the novel.

Nautical Invitation

You can incorporate a classical nautical theme for your child’s birthday party. You can have boat decorations as décor and creative food like ‘marshmallow buoys,’ ‘life preservers,’ etc. You can also plan the invitation the same way.

One option is to send the sailor’s hat in an invitation with the details hung inside the hat. If you are ready to spend more, you can send little fishbowls as an invitation with the details attached with a ribbon at the rim of the bowl.

Messy Invitation

A messy party theme will be a dream come true for every kid. It is a super cool and creative idea. Organize the party with activities like paintball, play dough, silly strings, etc.

The birthday party invitation should reflect the same theme. You can design the invitation card by blotching it with paint and haphazardly writing the details on it. You can also send confetti-filled printed balloons which have to be inflated to read the message.

These ideas will surely be loved by your child’s friends as well as their parents. Use these ideas and bring out the best of your creativity.

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