A Comprehensive Insight into the Rules of Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is the biggest and the most popular sport in India. Many devoted fans try to put their cricketing knowledge to use and make money. Betting has long been frowned upon and was also deemed illegal by many governments. But with technological advancements, online betting has arrived in India. The best thing is that it is permitted and you can bet anywhere and anytime.

With online cricket-betting.in, you can bet on T20, ODI and also Test matches. In other sports like football, you can only bet on three lines – win, lose, and draw. But in cricket, you can bet on many lines. Here is what you can bet on:

  • Team – Win, Lose, Draw, Tie
  • Toss – Win or Lose
  • Top batsman – team/ overall
  • Top bowler – team/overall
  • Fifty or hundred scored
  • Most boundaries and sixers
  • Number of runs scored in an innings/over/ 6 overs
  • Man of the match

With so many lines to bet on, one might get overwhelmed on which line to place their bets. Additionally, there are many conditions when a bet could become void or become a dead-heat. Many get bogged down by the details of odds and payouts and fail to understand when their bets are considered void and dead heat. The following list gives you a comprehensive list of scenarios when your bets go void and when dead-heat rules settle them.

Here are a few ways a bet could be deemed void:

Test Matches:

  • If a test match is cancelled due to weather conditions and not a single ball was bowled
  • If there is a venue change, the bets are void.
  • If the match is abandoned due to any other reason and the result is not determined

Limited Overs (50 Overs and 20 Overs):

  • If the match is postponed and rescheduled to be played after more than 48 hours
  • If the official result is ‘No Result’ due to weather or otherwise
  • If the match is abandoned and the result is decided by super over
  • In the event of a venue change
  • In the event of a tie when super over is not played

General Rules:

  • For ‘cricket odds price boosts,’ if at least 20 overs are not bowled in ODI, and at least ten overs are not bowled in T20
  • ‘Price boosts’ are also considered void if there is a reduction in the overs 
  • In any other bets like the maximum number of boundaries, sixers, runs, extras like wides, no balls, etc. are void if there is a reduction in the number of overs.

 There is also a possibility of dead-heat. Here are a few scenarios:

Test Matches:

  • If the match is tied, then people betting on two teams are settled under dead-heat.

Limited Overs (50 Overs and 20 Overs):

  • When there is no price for tie and no official way to determine the winner
  • In case of a tie, and bets on the win and most team runs, dead-heat rules apply

In addition to these, try to bet on the sites, which can offer you good odds. There are many online cricket betting sites available. It is not easy to explore everyone and bet on a particular site. Thankfully, there are cricket betting aggregators that can help you. Many sites specialize in getting you bet with good odds so that you can maximize your winnings.

Many people think that sports betting is luck. Nothing can be further from the truth. It requires in-depth knowledge of the sport, and you need to be up to date about the teams, players, and their forms. That said, most of the money is in the books. Here are a few tips that can help you potentially increase your winnings:

  1. You must understand that it is challenging to break even, let alone profit in the long run.
  2. Create multiple accounts so that you can hedge your losses and use them for your wins.
  3. Practice bankroll management so that you can sustain your habit of betting and stay in control.
  4. Never bet on your favorite team. Emotion clouds your judgment and, ultimately, your winnings. Just ask fans of the Sunrisers i the recent chase against Ms Dhoni’s CSK. They needed only 25 runs off two overs and copped a poor umpiring decision which could have cost them to match. 
  5. Research about the pitch conditions, venue, and weather beforehand as they are the unknown factors.


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