Chinese Police Punish Drivers With Flash Bright Headlights By Making Them Stare At High Beams

Flashing bright headlights on vehicles are one of many potentially dangerous distractions that motorists face. Police in China are now cracking down on drivers who flash their lights in an effort to teach them a lesson.

May be it would be great we can implement these kind of disruptive punishment in India to make sure everyone understands the importance and learns a lesson.

Cops in Shenzhen are ordering offending motorists to sit on a plastic stool and stare at the bright headlights of a police vehicle. The officer’s car will have the high beams switched on for the duration of five minutes.

Shenzhen traffic police announced the unusual form of punishment on their Weibo account. They referred to it as an ‘appropriate experience’ that will hopefully show drivers the harm they are causing by making other motorists look at their bright lights.

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