Actress Charu Asopa will play Nayantara, who is both negative and positive, in Peninsula Pictures show “Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha”.




“Nayantara means ‘nyay ki putli’ (a person who gives justice). Nayantara is a positive character but over a period of time arrogance changes her and she becomes a negative character. She is cursed by Bhramadev thereafter,” Charu said in a statement.

“A fierce battle takes places between her and Vikram Aditya, who makes her understand and realise the value of life, thereby converting her into a positive character again. The show gives me an opportunity to play both negative and positive characters in a single episode which is quite challenging,” she added.

The show presents different stories each week with the main plot being the tussle between the good and the evil.

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